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Los Angeles, CA

I work with authors and businesses to get their concepts clear and their content organized. My editorial expertise is developmental or content editing: refining your "big picture" so you can make a meaningful connection with readers. I also line edit and write original copy, ensuring clean, clear prose that presents your voice or company in the best light.

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Books and professional documents • Developmental editing • Manuscript critique  


Nonfiction books • Thought leadership • Professional bios • Websites and blogs

Content Writing

B2B & B2C • Websites • Blogs • Newsletters • Content for lead generation • E-learning


"This is a short note of gratitude for your work. The value and significance of your editing emerged many times as I completed the rewrite of my manuscript. Your comments, suggestions, and inquiries helped me revise my ho-hum text into a work I feel very proud to see published! I did enter a contract with Greenleaf and the book will be in print January of 2025. With all best wishes and thanks to you, Missy."

— Missy Parks, author, Digital Transformation Training: An Enchiridion for Working Smarter (2025, Greenleaf Book Group)

"I recently asked a client how she found me, and she explained that [she] found me through my Line by Line Indexing website. And she said that she thought it was impressive. She's with a business association based in London that needs an index for a medical book they are publishing. A European who probably never needed to hire an indexer before understood my business and credentials because you helped me craft the content of my website. That says a lot about you and your skills 🙂 Thank you!"

— Michelle Guiliano, DPM, Owner, Line by Line Indexing, podcaster, and entrepreneur

"It was great having Kristen as the substantive editor for my second book, a book which combined both business and technical elements. Kristen did a great job helping me develop content flow as well as keeping an eye on some of the finer points of my writing style. Her perspective helped me focus on the reader experience and be more thorough in my writing. Kristen helped shape critical elements of the manuscript and worked to make terminology and concepts engaging and easy to understand. She was also very responsive and pleasant to work with. I would certainly recommend working with her."

— David Stephenson, Ph.D., Data Science Specialist and Author, Business Skills for Data Scientists: Practical Advice in Six Key Topics

“I don't know how to thank you. Upon receiving your critique yesterday, I immediately skimmed through it and burst into tears—mostly out of relief. Your thoroughness, kindness and sensitivity just blew me away. I cannot tell you how different your approach was from the very first editor I shared the rough draft of the manuscript with a couple of years ago. I just feel like you have put your soul into it, and you have given me some incredible feedback, all along being so gentle and kind, and really taking to heart how scary and vulnerable it is to share your work with someone you don't know and yet whose opinion you value so highly.”

— L.M., First-time author (Forthcoming)

"After wrestling with a narrative nonfiction manuscript for some time, I finally realized that what I needed was an objective set of eyes on the work, someone to help me craft a more compelling story arc and 'journey.' Kristen's manuscript critique was invaluable, providing me with specific suggestions and ideas. Supportive, yet with a keen eye for detail, she is a delight to work with."

— Leslie Karst, author, Justice Is Served, She Writes Books, 2023 *

*Author secured agent representation and later a contract after revising with my notes

“Kristen is the BEST! If you are looking for an editor to help structure, develop, and take your book to the next level, look no further. Kristen helped me realize what parts of my story needed more detail and emphasis, and which parts needed to be concise and clear. She is punctual, honest, and goes the extra mile to assist in any way she can. Without her my book wouldn't be what it is today. Five stars from me!”

— Zev Kanter, Author, Release Control/Restore Harmony: A 3-Stage Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss & Binge Eating Recovery (Forthcoming)

“I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with your work. Your objective assessment within your notes is what these stories needed. You have identified the holes, the missing pieces and points of clarification that would make these stories better. I believe I will have a very strong collection of horror stories.”

Lou Rera, Author, AWAKE: Tales of Terror

“Working with Kristen transitioned me from a hopeful writer to seeing myself as a committed author. She has been the only reason I have progressed to the point of completion. She not only held me accountable to timelines, she was consistent and efficient with her input and progress. She kept me on my toes, but did not smother me with intimidating and overwhelming deadlines. I just felt like I wanted to work hard because of the effort she was putting into me. She made my dream of what I wanted to express come to life, but also turned it into a valuable reader experience.”

Leslie Harrington, Author, Speaker, and Transitional Health Coach (forthcoming)

"I was so lucky to find Kristen to help me with my book, Getting the Best Care: Rescue Your Loved One from the Healthcare Conveyor Belt. Kristen has a friendly and approachable nature but she is a stickler for process. That is a great combo in an editor. She helped me to clarify my thinking and to make the book so much better with her editing expertise. She is responsive to emails and never left me wondering. I would love to work with her again!"

Margaret Fitzpatrick, Author, Speaker, and Advocate for a More Rational Approach to Healthcare as We Age

"You were invaluable to me in your editorial review. Implementing your suggestions enabled me to make what I believe is a quantum leap in my work. Thank you so much for your efforts. If my book is successful in the future, you will be directly responsible for helping me get there."

— Mark Alan Nisall, Author, Rideshare Revelations from an L.A. Uber Driver: The Highlights, The Lowlights and The Darkness

"[Kristen] not only ensured the original text flowed naturally. . . she also provided valuable insights on how to expand and enhance the book to make it appeal to an even broader audience of English-speaking businesspeople. Her talent, knowledge and facility with organizing and conveying ideas has made the work of expanding this edition a true pleasure."

Temel Aksoy, Author, 7 Rules of Marketing that Get Results: Discard the Myths, Follow the Facts

"Kristen had a wonderful ability to understand what I wanted to express and then write with clarity and intelligence. She also has a good grasp of working with medical and technical information, which makes her services even more valuable. My book turned out better than I could have imagined and I am thrilled with the result."

— Author (confidential), Bestselling Health Book
"Kristen worked with me on editing my manuscript (which was originally a collection of blogs) into a solid book. She was efficient, resourceful, and collaborative, and really served as a consultant in addition to editor. Kristen hooked into my message and target audience and worked with me on tightening up a manuscript I felt proud to deliver to the marketplace."
Stacey Rosenfeld, PhD, Author, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation’s Fixation with Food and Weight


"Kristen was recommended to me as very knowledgeable, diligent and would get the job done to the customer’s complete satisfaction and this certainly was the case for me. Kristen was persistent in her probing questions to learn about my business for her best understanding in order to maximize the effectiveness of my website. She had the distinct ability to think as if she was in the business, which I believe was the key to its [the project’s] success."

— Thomas Pfund, President, Medicaid4You, LLC

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