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Kristen Havens, Writer/Editor

I've been freelancing as a writer and editor for over 15 years. Many of my clients–marketers, agencies, executives or authors–are experts in technical fields like B2B digital marketing, technology, engineering, or medicine. Most have achieved manager level or above in their respective areas. Often they’re deeply immersed in technical terms and processes, and may not find it easy to step back and see the big picture–how their concepts and ideas are coming across to the general public or non-technical readers and customers.

This is where I’m most helpful as a writer, coach, and developmental editor. I excel at stepping back and translating industry jargon into content "regular people" can understand. I myself am a well-read general reader who can acclimate quickly to your expertise area, bridging the gap between your understanding–which comes from years or decades of practice–and your ideal reader’s ability to “get it." 

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In addition to writing for clients, I write for myselffiction, poetry, and the occasional film script or nonfiction essay. To view a list of my creative writing publications and other artistic projects, click here.

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