Sample: Be Well Massage Review

The following sample appeared in the Chill Out L.A. newsletter, dedicated to covering relaxation and spa services in the greater Los Angeles area. NOTE: The company name has been redacted.

Word count: 230

Spa-to-Go: Massage Therapy That Comes to You

Have you ever said to yourself, “I really need a massage,” only to realize you’ll have to drive across town when you’re finished? There’s nothing like L.A. traffic to put the stress back into a recently detoxed body. That’s why the XXXXX/Spa-To-Go service is ideal for Angelenos: relaxation comes right to your home. After you’re done, the farthest you’ll have to travel is to your bed.

XXXXX’s licensed, experienced therapists are first-rate and friendly and arrive with a table, a choice of aromatherapy oils, and a selection of soothing music — though you’re welcome to provide your own soundtrack. We highly recommend turning up the thermostat in your apartment a half hour to an hour before your therapist arrives; a heated space will keep your muscles warm and your exposed parts toasty once you’re under the sheet.

XXXXX/Spa to Go is pleased to offer the following discounts to first-time clients and Chill Out L.A. readers:

$25 – One half-hour, at-home massage with aromatherapy oils ($70 value)

$75 – One one-hour, at-home massage with aromatherapy oils ($120 value)

And, if you purchase a series of five or more Spa-to-Go gift certificates at once time, you’ll receive 10% off the entire purchase. Gift certificates may be redeemed at any of XXXXX’s hotel locations or at your (or your lucky friend’s) home or office. We’re thinking holiday gifts!


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