Sample: Miracle Manor Retreat in Desert Hot Springs

The following appeared in the Chill Out L.A. newsletter, dedicated to covering relaxation and spa services in the greater Los Angeles area. NOTE: Pricing information is no longer current. Please check with the owners for updated information. 

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Miracle Manor Retreat in Desert Hot Springs

Is your idea of a mini-vacation a strict schedule of sleeping, swimming, soaking, and relaxing in the sun between massage treatments? Then Miracle Manor Retreat is the weekend spot for you. This small, quiet sanctuary near Palm Springs and Joshua Tree is the ultimate low-key urban getaway. A stylishly renovated 1948 motel, the Manor offers a friendly, laid-back staff, six minimalist rooms (no telephone or TV!), all-natural organic bedding, and a heated swimming pool and hot tub filled with prize-winning, all natural mineral water.

A twenty-minute soak in the Manor’s therapeutic waters will soothe the stress out of even the most stubborn muscles. Combined with the warm desert evenings, a float in the pool makes for truly one-of-a-kind stargazing.

Miracle Manor is known for decadent bodywork treatments using delicious, all-natural potions. They’re a bit pricey, but entirely worth it. One-hour treatments start at $110 and include a mix of acupressure, deep-tissue and craniosacral release. Come for a one-hour treatment and soak in the waters for an hour before and after your massage, all for $125. Bring a friend for $100.

Now is the time to take advantage of the Manor’s special summer/fall room rates and enjoy the healing powers of its mineral pools. Rooms with a minifridge run $129/night on weeknights, $149/night on weekends. Rooms with a kitchen are $20 more, but an outdoor grill is available to all guests who feel the urge to barbecue.

Book now and mention Chill Out LA to receive a 15% discount on your room rate and body treatments for the duration of your stay. This offer is valid through December 15, 2004 (excluding holidays).

Not bad for a quick trip east on the 10!

For more package deals and a complete description of all available body treatments, please visit the Miracle Manor website.

Miracle Manor Retreat
12589 Reposo Way
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240