Platform Consultations

Authors, thought leaders, and subject matter experts: Do you need an online presence and are not sure where to begin? Maybe you have a website and social media accounts but know you could be doing more with them. I can help you with the following:

  • Website Critique: Is your website hindering your end goals? This report digs into your Analytics and lets you know your website’s communication strengths and weaknesses: where you’re doing a good job, where you could be doing a great job with just a little tweak, and where your visitors are jumping ship.
  • Social Media Critique: Are you getting the greatest possible benefit out of your social media and social networking activities? Are there easy changes you can make to net you more followers, shares, retweets, and engagement? This report will provide you an overview of how you can grow your presence while staying true to yourself and your brand.
  • On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report: Does your website contain the metadata and keywords that will help you rank well so prospective customers or readers can find you? Are you using the right keywords and enough of them (or too many?), and are those keywords in the right place to do you the most good? This report will analyze how you’re using language to get your website discovered by customers. You’d be surprised at how many quick and easy (and effective!) SEO strategies go unused by business owners who aren’t in the know.
  • Social Media Strategy/Author Platform Strategy: Are you doing enough online to help promote your book and yourself? This customized report will provide you a strategy for building your online presence and spending your limited promotional time (and budget) where it will best benefit your career. Strategies can cover six weeks to three months, with optional add-ons like a Launch Timeline, messaging suggestions, advertising plans, and ad copy.
  • Training: For anyone with a social media strategy or website but not the skills to carry out a promotional campaign, I offer one-on-one training. You can learn the technical and PR skills required to do it yourself, or you can sign your assistant up for training. Sessions can be conducted via phone or in person if you live in Los Angeles.

Sample Projects

  • Finance expert website. A client hired me to build and run his blog in preparation for a book launch. I also developed a financial calculator for download and required an opt-in registration to use it. Within six months, his name and the name of his book dominated Google’s page one. His mailing list grew over 6000%. (Not a typo.)

  • Mystery/thriller writer. A client came to me for a long-term platform-building campaign that would help him establish traction with readers. I provided website consultation, wrote website copy and banner ad copy, placed ads on literary website networks, and trained the client in social media strategies. Through my efforts, his first book became a Book of the Day selection alongside bestsellers Kathy Reichs — and was downloaded 8500 times. Subsequent campaigns have triggered up to 34,000 Amazon downloads in a two-day period. The client has a substantial social media following and the site I directed has a HubSpot website grade of 80/100. (According to his web designer, “I don’t think I’ve seen a higher grade from them! CONGRATS!”)

Success Stories

I have many more stories like this. To view a partial client list, click here. Or you can click here to view testimonials from happy clients.

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