Writing Roundup

The last few weeks have been so busy that I forgot to update this blog. A few items of note:

  • Earlier this summer I was named a Finalist for the first ever Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize, awarded by Solstice Literary Magazine (affiliated with the Pine Manor MFA program in Mass.) Announcement here and here, poem, “Centinela,” here.
  • I’m very proud of the consulting and web copywriting work I did for INTERSECT Seattle, an amazing research and teaching organization based at the University of Washington. INTERSECT marshals resources to help physicians and health care workers in poor communities worldwide diagnose and treat respiratory disease and severe illness.
  • The book I ghosted this past year–a health/science/psychology title–is off to the printers soon.
  • I’m offering a new writing service to authors and publishers: book marketing copy and book cover copy. If your book description needs some sexing up (you know what I mean), I may be able to help you. More on this in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, my Friday has been completely dominated by the space shuttle Endeavour flying past our house. It’s a little hard to concentrate after being so close to greatness. Today’s a good day to think about greatness in general and how to get closer to it. And so off I go. Happy weekend.

— Kristen

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