Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week: June 8, 2015 Edition

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Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week

Can you believe it’s June?

Last week I pushed hard to meet a Monday deadline and didn’t post. I did read a few items of note: Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill (unique, fractured structure) and this anonymous op-ed about higher education and social justice (as in, is there room for real discourse in an era of hyper-sensitivity?).

Here’s what’s on deck and in progress this week:

Writing about . . . Old houses, insects, and breakups (a return to revising a 30-page short story I let breathe for a month. . . now the post-it notes and hand-scribblings look like the rantings of a mad woman)

Editing. . . Professional statements for a friend who’s in the running for a high-level, high-profile position in a city administration (wish him luck!)

Reading. . . Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link (link)  and this Paris Review interview with Elena Ferrante

And your project. I have room in June for a critique, edit, or short-term writing job. Contact me to check on availability.

Until then,

Happy writing, editing, and reading to you.

– Kristen

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