New Testimonial: book coaching and developmental editing a first draft

I’m happy to share a new testimonial from a client I’ve been working with this year as a writing coach and developmental editor (2019):

“Working with Kristen transitioned me from a hopeful writer to seeing myself as a committed author. She has been the only reason I have progressed to the point of completion. She not only held me accountable to timelines, she was consistent and efficient with her input and progress. She kept me on my toes, but did not smother me with intimidating and overwhelming deadlines. I just felt like I wanted to work hard because of the effort she was putting into me. She made my dream of what I wanted to express come to life, but also turned it into a valuable reader experience.”

Leslie Harrington, a transformational health coach, is headed into the final stretch on her first draft and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. Her book’s going to help so many people cope (and even thrive) with chronic health challenges. You can see her testimonial along with others on my home page and services page.

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