Author Interview: Mark Rubinstein

I’m pleased to share my second author interview. Last year, I worked with Mark Rubinstein, MD to help him promote his first novel, Mad Dog House, which went on to become a Foreword Book of the Year finalist. Rubinstein’s second thriller, Love Gone Mad, came out this September. Mark Rubinstein, authorWhat many readers don’t know is that before he turned to fiction, Rubinstein wrote and co-authored several nonfiction books about medicine. I asked Rubinstein about his experiences co-authoring nonfiction. We also talked about his new novel and what’s next for him as a writer.


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Author Interview: Milda Harris

It’s been a busy summer for me: driving around New England, visiting family, and meeting new people, all while working and taking meetings. Instead of writing a blog post during this hectic time, I decided to interview an author. (Clients who blog, take note: you can do the same when you have writer’s block or are simply pressed for time.)

Milda Harris, Author

The writer I’m interviewing in this post is the prolific and always positive Milda Harris, a writer of light-hearted young adult mysteries and thrillers, including Adventures in Murder ChasingDoppelganger, Adventures in Funeral Crashing, The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body, Connected (A Paranormal Romance), and Adventures of a Graveyard Girl. (Amazon Author Page)

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