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We’re having a good couple of work weeks here at 563. A 5-day test run of Google ads we wrote for one client sold 49 eBooks. (That’s 10 eBooks a day; very respectable.) After the test, we wrote a custom landing page to boost conversion on one of the ads. We’re curious to see how that ad performs now that it points to a page specially designed to answer Google users’ questions.

This week, another of our clients is outperforming The Perks of Being a Wallflower on Scribd.com. Perks is a paid placement with a major movie tie-in; our client’s book is a debut novel from a small publisher. Its success is due largely to good old-fashioned Twitter networking and persistence.

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Book Review in Brief: Tribes, by Seth Godin

If you’ve been delving into the online world at all, you’ve probably heard the term “tribes.” For several years, management consultants, social networks, business book authors and others have been using this term to describe groups of people who come together around a cause, a project, a way of thinking, a hobby or an interest. Tribes can exist within organizations or outside of them, but the one thing they have in common is that they want someone to lead them.

Tribes by Seth GodinOne of the more recent additions to this line of thought is Seth Godin’s book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

Tribes is a slim book you can read in a day, and it’s short on details. Don’t read it thinking it will teach you how to launch a company, use Twitter, win over a community of bloggers or create a street team to spread the word about your product or book. But do read it if you’re confused about social networking and why you should get involved with it.

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