Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week: May 12, 2015 Edition

Students examining sinkhole - Tallahassee

Sink hole image courtesy of Florida Memory on Flickr.

Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week

(A new feature, updated weekly.)

Writing about. . . Electronics and engineering equipment for a client’s e-learning module

. . . and heartbreak for a songwriting class assignment (Recommended: Coursera’s Berklee School of Music songwriting classYou don’t need to know anything about music, and it’s free.)

. . . and sink holes for a short story I’ve been working on, and cursed fibers and crochet for a feature film script based on my short

Critiquing. . . GIRLS for a friend (a spec script for a contest)

Reading. . . Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl for book club

On the horizon: corporate copy, plus something from the book world.

Happy writing, editing, and reading to you.

– Kristen