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Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Stacey M. Rosenfeld PhD

Client news! I worked on this blog-to-book project as a developmental editor and strategic consultant. You can ask your local library to order it, or buy it at:

This enlightening book is not just for those with eating issues—it’s for any woman who feels pressured by society to be a certain shape or size. Dr. Rosenfeld talks about:

  • why diets don’t work (Really, they don’t. Scientists know this.)
  • how our everyday vocabulary hurts our self-esteem, starting in childhood (Mamas, teachers, and leaders of youth take note—there’s advice here on how to model a positive body image for young girls.)
  • how to cultivate a resistance to media messages about body shape, size, and the “sinfulness” of our habits (Hint: being hungry and eating something delicious is not a sin.)

Dr. Stacey has created a fantastic read, full of insights, advice, and personal stories about body image from readers of her blog—all presented with an irreverent tone that challenges the status quo. Enjoy.

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