non/fictioN Book Festival

In mid-November, a woman approached me via Flickr, asking permission to use one of my photos (see above) as part of a book interventions and architecture exhibit that would accompany a book fair in Moscow.

I was skeptical. I also wasn’t sure about my rights, since I took the photo without getting permission from the owner of the object within. (I’m new at this whole photography thing.)

After taking an informal poll of my friends, I decided I was being a self-defeating control freak, so I said “yes,” as long as she was willing to name the rural bookstore where I’d taken the photo. She agreed.

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Does your company have a social media policy in place for your employees?

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The following article, written by 563 Media’s resident technical writer, Keisuke Hoashi (also a co-founder of a music camp in New York), explains why it’s important for all organizations to have examples ready to show employees what kind of behavior is not condoned.

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Should You Be Using Tumblr?

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Occasionally, clients will ask us if they should be on Tumblr. They hear from articles like this that Tumblr, a micro-blogging platform, is one of the fastest-growing social communities online. Naturally, they wonder if they should be involved. What we usually tell them: “It depends.”

As with any social network, whether or not the activity is worth your time depends on some key elements:

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