Books & Publishing Work

Nonfiction book editorial work: developmental editing; content editing; structural and organizational editing

Book marketing: digital advertising copywriting; back cover copy

Clients include:

  • David Stephenson, PHD, Business Skills for Data Scientists: Practical Guidance in Six Key Topics (David Stephenson, 2021). Developmental editing/line editing. (Link).
  • Margaret Fitzpatrick, Getting the Best Care: Rescue Your Loved One from the Healthcare Conveyor Belt (Urpoint, 2019). Manuscript critique, developmental editing/content editing. (Link)
  • Temel Aksoy, 7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results: Discard the Myths, Follow the Facts (2018). Developmental editing/content editing, project management. (Link)
  • Jorgen Hesselberg, Unlocking Agility (Pearson/Addison Wesley Signature Series, 2018). Content editing/developmental editing. (Link)
  • Contact me for a full list/more info.

Other projects include back cover copywriting and digital and social advertising copy and synopses (25-word, 50-word, 100-word, etc.) for nonfiction and fiction books. (Samples available upon request.)

Past Projects

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what clients say

"I was so lucky to find Kristen to help me with my book, Getting the Best Care: Rescue Your Loved One from the Healthcare Conveyor Belt. Kristen has a friendly and approachable nature but she is a stickler for process. That is a great combo in an editor. She helped me to clarify my thinking and to make the book so much better with her editing expertise. She is responsive to emails and never left me wondering. I would love to work with her again!"

Margaret Fitzpatrick, Speaker and Advocate for a More Rational Approach to Healthcare as We Age, Author of Getting the Best Care

"Kristen is an excellent editor and content strategist. Her professionalism, attention to detail and communication skills are superb. She comes highly recommended!"

Jorgen Hesselberg, Co-Founder, Comparative Agility and Author of Unlocking Agility

"After wrestling with a narrative nonfiction manuscript for some time, I finally realized that what I needed was an objective set of eyes on the work, someone to help me craft a more compelling story arc and 'journey.' Kristen's manuscript critique was invaluable, providing me with specific suggestions and ideas. Supportive, yet with a keen eye for detail, she is a delight to work with."

Leslie Karst, author of the Sally Solari mystery series and a cooking/food memoir, forthcoming (Spring 2023)*

* The author secured agent representation and a book contract for her memoir after revising using my notes.

"After an exhaustive search for a content editor for my first book, I was lucky enough to find Kristen. Kristen is a true professional! She was transparent, punctual, knowledgeable, and informative. Kristen took the time to explain her craft in a way that a newbie like me could understand and use for the future. My experience with Kristen has been so educational for me, and I would recommend her to anybody!"

Michael Pearsall, Author, Purposeful Leadership for a Total Engagement Culture

"Your edit is a gift! You're doing exactly what I hoped you would be doing: copy editing, mixed with excellent content editing. I also love your suggestions and questions—makes me think deeper about the messages I'm trying to convey and how to better communicate them."

— J., Business Book Author and Tech Director at a Fortune 500 Company

"Kristen worked with me on editing my manuscript (which was originally a collection of blogs) into a solid book. She was efficient, resourceful, and collaborative, and really served as a consultant in addition to editor. Kristen hooked into my message and target audience and worked with me on tightening up a manuscript I felt proud to deliver to the marketplace."

— Stacey Rosenfeld, PhD, Author, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation’s Fixation with Food and Weight 

"I came to Kristen for advice on writing and marketing my first non-fiction book. After reading my notes, she critiqued my concepts, helped me identify my hook, and encouraged me to focus by thinking about my target audience while writing. She was very helpful to me in clarifying what I wanted to say. Now, less than a year later, I’ve finished my first self-help book. I highly recommend her services as a coach to new and developing writers."

— Jeffrey Bergman, Author, Perfect At Our Core: 4 Steps to Overcome Self-Judgment and Feel More Comfortable with Yourself

"Thank you so much for your time and comments. I found them to be very helpful and positive, much more so than any of the other feedback I’ve received."

— L., Aspiring memoirist

"You were invaluable to me in your editorial review. Implementing your suggestions enabled me to make what I believe is a quantum leap in my work. Thank you so much for your efforts. If my book is successful in the future, you will be directly responsible for helping me get there."

Mark Alan Nisall, Author, Rideshare Revelations from An LA Uber Driver: The Highlights, The Lowlights and The Darkness