It’s been a busy spring; we’ve entertained visiting house guests during April and May, giving us a chance to play tourists at home in Los Angeles two months in a row. But work continues! Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update:


For clients:

I’m continuing to write regular blog posts on orthopedic surgery and sports medicine for an inbound medical marketing agency. I’m also getting HubSpot certified in the creation of inbound marketing content. If you want inbound health content, I’m the gal to call (after July 5, that is; my schedule’s rapidly filling up for summer).

Creative work:

My participation in a semester-long writing workshop with novelist and story writer Richard Bausch is drawing to a close. I’ve workshopped two stories and have a third, partially finished work of fiction in the queue. Workshop has been a terrific experience and I’ve met some really strong local area writers (and have generated an enormous white board reading list that includes nearly every book, story, and poem Richard mentions during his talks; perhaps I’ll share that here soon).

Poetry-wise, I’ve placed two poems in the Fall 2016 digital issue of The Fourth River, a literary magazine focused on place-based writing. You can also now order the HYSTERIA anthology from Lucky Bastard Press, which features my poem “Welcome to Womanhood.”


I’ve begun work as a content editor for a tech executive’s business book, due from a major publisher in 2017. So far so good; I’ve edited one chapter and the client is happy with my suggestions and working on Chapter 2. He gets a more comprehensive book, and I get to learn new things on the job: this time, the topic is programming and entrepreneurship. Not a bad exchange! (If you have a business or tech entrepreneurship book in need of editing or coaching, get in touch. I have a slot available this fall.)

I’ve also taken a meeting with a local entrepreneur who runs a thriving editing business. We’re looking for ways to work together in the future.


I recently finished the story collection Animal Crackers by Hannah Tinti (editor of One Story). Now I’m working my way through a giant pile of magazines while daydreaming about the ultimate summer reading list.

Do you need something written or edited?

June is fully booked. If you need something written or edited, please get in touch to discuss your project. I have slots available starting July 5.

— Kristen

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