Editorial Updates: Spring Cleaning, 2017

I hate to see professional websites with stale, un-updated blogs. . . and yet I seem to have one. No longer! Spring cleaning means I need to address this shameful situation.

Here are some projects I’ve been up to in the past year:

Contract content writing. I write SEO-optimized medical blog posts for an agency with multiple clients (1-6 posts per week). I also ghost write weekly corporate blog posts for a second client in a B2B industry. I can do this for more clients–contact me if you need content.

Nonfiction book editing. Note, you may see “non-fiction” and “nonfiction” spelled interchangeably throughout this site. I let the inconsistency stand so I can grab both search terms, though I prefer the non-hyphenated version.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been editing a business book one chapter at a time–providing a mix of content editing and light line editing. That book will be published by a major business and technology book publisher sometime later this year or in early 2018. If you’re interested in working with a developmental editor, contact me–tell me about your project (book or otherwise), how far along you are with your work, your timeline, and what you think you may need.

Nonfiction manuscript critique. Last month I completed a manuscript critique of a self-published business book on leadership and management. How critique works: I read a finished draft of a book, then provide a 2-5 page, single-spaced editorial letter outlining any major issues I see (e.g., persistent grammar or usage problems; voice or style inconsistency; confusing train of thought; sequencing or structural problems; and areas where the author needs to expand upon an idea in order to make the book more “book-like” or marketable). Critique is a service I will soon list prominently in my offerings–it’s great fun to work with authors at this level, and it’s an easy, productive way for both parties to get to know each other without entering into a long-term contract. If you’re interested in critique, contact me–tell me about your project, your timeline, and where you feel your writing needs the most attention.

Upcoming Projects:

Over the next few weeks, I’m starting two new, small projects: editing and revising marketing copy for two publishing-related clients. 

How I Can Help You:

If you have a nonfiction manuscript in need of a critique or content edit, I have room in my schedule beginning June 1. I’m also taking ghostwriting and book doctoring work (nonfiction only). 

  • Critique = two read-throughs, an editorial letter, and occasional margin notes.
  • Content edit = a thorough markup of your digital manuscript with margin notes regarding structure, tone, voice, argument/research (how well did you build your case?), and sequencing of ideas. This level of editing includes light line editing (to show examples of how to fix persistent grammar or usage issues). 
  • Book doctoring = revising or helping to complete (i.e., add material to) a nearly finished nonfiction book. 
  • Ghostwriting = heavy re-writing or writing from scratch: nonfiction books, presentation materials, blog posts, business letters, query letters, etc.

Spring is an ideal time to get an editor or collaborative writer on your side–especially if you want to work faster so you can enjoy your well-earned summer vacation. Let’s chat!


It’s been a busy spring; we’ve entertained visiting house guests during April and May, giving us a chance to play tourists at home in Los Angeles two months in a row. But work continues! Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update:


For clients:

I’m continuing to write regular blog posts on orthopedic surgery and sports medicine for an inbound medical marketing agency. I’m also getting HubSpot certified in the creation of inbound marketing content. If you want inbound health content, I’m the gal to call (after July 5, that is; my schedule’s rapidly filling up for summer).

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Why This Author Website Works: ChristineSchwab.com

Once in a while, I like to share well-designed websites when I come across them. Usually, the sites and blogs I’ll share here will be author/expert or book launch sites that act as effective hubs for their owners’ author platforms and promotional efforts. I also give kudos to sites that create clear calls to action and that are structured to convert casual visitors to subscribers or buyers.

Here’s the latest well-designed author website I’ve discovered: ChristineSchwab.com (a former consulting client). What’s good about this site:

  1. Everything’s easy to find.  All the information a publicist, agent, or radio/TV booker needs is clear, easy to locate on the margins of the site, and requires no clicks. The author’s bio, publicist and agent contact information, present and former books, book reviews, buy buttons, social media, and media room are all right there on the home page. If I were in a position to hire her as a guest on a show or as a keynote speaker, almost everything I need to pitch her to my colleagues or contact her for an inquiry is there for me to grab in under 30 seconds. This site is perfect because it’s accomplishing the client’s clear objectives: selling books and getting herself booked.
  2. The call to action is visible. Christine is asking you to do two things: Follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.
  3. She’s blogging actively. Because she’s blogging, I immediately understand her current platform (rheumatoid arthritis) and know that she’s actively talking about the issue. She’s also boosting her search engine optimization for that topic by writing regularly about it.


If you’re inclined to blog, I recommend a design format like this. Your wisdom and experience is front and center (literally) and all your major credentials are easy to see. Blogs are also unparalleled for SEO and give you a hub from which you can network with other bloggers and create relationships that can pay off for you over the long term. (Tactics for which I discuss in my eBook, A Brief Introduction to Internet Publicity.)

If you’re interested in viewing more well-designed book, author, and expert/speaker sites, follow me on Google+ or follow me on Pinterest, where I maintain a board of sites I find that set a good example. If you need to build a new blog or website or give yours a facelift, get in touch–I work with talented designers who can help you.