Useful Writing Tools — Five Digital Favorites

By Kristen

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Choosing digital writing tools can be just as idiosyncratic as selecting a favorite pen or brand of notebook. Keeping that in mind, here are five of my favorite tools for productivity and creativity:

1. Write or Die software, by Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab 

The concept is simple. Set a timer and a word count, then enter your text in a box. If you don’t reach your writing quota by deadline, suffer the consequences—a loud, unpleasant alarm prodding at you, or worse—your writing being erased whenever your fingers stop moving. Your choice.

I love the simplicity. Great for when I need a little extra prod or the pressure of a deadline.

The downside: There’s always the chance your browser will freeze up or quit while you’re writing. This is less likely if you have a newer computer and a stable browser, and no other windows open at the time. Fortunately, more recent versions of this software include autosave options.

Link: Write or Die

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